Unexpectedly Expected: 2022 Editing Update

Life really does not go the way we expect it to sometimes, does it?

We like to say that a lot. We acknowledge the unexpected as a natural part of life and like to make it sound like we’re all aware of how uncertain things can be. But then, when something inevitably doesn’t go our way, PANIC! at the Disco.

If you asked me today, I would probably say that life is not going my way most of the time. And this is both good and bad news because sometimes those surprises are necessary for growth. Sometimes they’re pleasant things, sometimes they’re not, and I’m not always the best person to make a judgement call on that.

In terms of business and work lately, while things aren’t going my way, they’re definitely going. In case you wanted to know what I spend my time doing, here’s a wee list of what’s been occupying my freelance plate since September:

  • A weekly newsletter for a local non-profit that I put together, edit, and schedule to go out to subscribers every Friday
  • A developmental edit for a massive New Adult Fantasy Romance sequel with at least four POVs (that was my entire month of October!)
  • A developmental and copy edit for a poetry collection
  • A graphic design project for a local business, which involved editing their value statements before working them into an approved design, revising for feedback, and researching printing options
  • A consultation on a short story for a new writer
  • A proofread of a contemporary fiction novel with three POVs
  • A website copy refresh for an old colleague and friend

And I call myself a fiction editor… (clicks tongue)

Just kidding! In all seriousness, the variety is incredible. I never know what I’ll be up to from one month to the next and I get to work with people from all sorts of corners. Accessing the different creative aspects of my brain is a definite challenge, and some tasks come a lot more easily than others, but at the heart of each of these is the one key theme that guides all of the work that I do: people striving to be good communicators.

To everyone I’ve had the pleasure of working with this fall, I commend you for your dedication to communicating and storytelling in a way that your audience and readers can resonate with. I applaud you for your dedication to your industry and craft. And I look forward to working with more people who have set out to grow, improve, and tell a good story.

Thanks for a great fall, everyone! xoxo

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