Editing Reflections: Slowing Down & Catching Up 📚

Freelancing seasons cycle between feast or famine so quickly, it can be disorienting to try and look back at what the past few months have held. On the rollercoaster of “How much work do I have this month?” I went from slowing down at the end of March to busy enough to make my head spin from April to May. And then by June, things were winding down again. The forecast for July looks dry as well, and then promise of showers for August. By September, my whole schedule will change around, but that’s another story entirely.

The Last Six Months

Since January, I’ve seen holdover projects from 2022 come to a close, I’ve opened several new projects that I may not see over until the end of 2023, and I’ve started and finished several others. The first half of the year has given me thoughtful, practical clients who have been an absolute pleasure to work with. And so much variety!

January & February

  • Non-fiction business book proofread
  • Website copyedit & proofread


  • Memoir structural & copyedit
  • Children’s picture book copyedit
  • Children’s picture book line edit & copyedit


  • Website redesign, copyedit & proofread


  • YA Dystopian novel
  • Memoir copyedit (second round)


  • Short story collection copyedit & proofread
  • Company branding, newsletter templates & sales flyer design & editing

Amidst all of that, I’ve been working my part-time job, exchanging monthly pages with the writing group I’m a part of, kicking The Tea Grannies Podcast back into gear with Season 4, and finally revising one of my big, epic, dark fantasy drafts into something I could finally share with my beta readers. Needless to say, when work projects wane, I still have plenty to do. But most of those things, while deliciously fun, don’t come with dollar bills. (Maybe someday, but not yet.)

So What Am I Doing to Change That?

I alluded to this earlier, but once September comes, my life is going to look a little bit different. I’m going back to school! You have my permission to join my husband in mocking me with I-told-you-so’s after I ardently informed him I was “done with school” last fall, after completing my editing certificate through Simon Fraser University.

I will be keeping my part-time job and taking on a few freelance clients when my schedule allows, so my classes will be part-time as well. I have to figure out what my schedule allows between class times and assignments, but after this initial semester is ironed out, I’ll have a better outlook for what the next several years will bring. (Finishing a bachelor’s degree on a part-time schedule means another 4+ years of school on top of the 2 I’ve already completed toward the degree, please send me your most motivational vibes.) I won’t be studying editing this time, but I am a big believer in diversly applicable skills. Between graphic design and creative writing, I think I’ll be given plenty of opportunities to further hone my editor’s eye and bring even more attention to unique details into my work. I’m looking forward to seeing what each class holds and how it will build on top of the foundation of studies that’s already in place!

So if you, or anyone you know, is interested in some book editing, website design and/or editing, or heck, even some graphic design, fire away! My inbox is always open, and it looks like I could use a little rain in this drought. 📚✨🔮🪄

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