Fine Arts Hasn't Killed Me Yet 👀

Fall 2023 and Winter 2024 have gone down in history. In the last eight months, I’ve managed to finish drafting and revising a 107,000 word fantasy novel; designed, printed, and celebrated the launch of a literary magazine of student art; and signed at least two new freelance contracts with hopes for at least one or two more for Summer 2024.

Feast your eyes… 👀

I thought going on hiatus from freelance contracts was going to eviscerate the tenuous career I began building for myself in 2019. But as I shared with a friend the other day, as soon as the end of my Winter 2024 semester hit, I had opportunities flying at me seemingly from every corner. These opportunities were all connected in one way or another to seeds planted in past weeks, months, or years, but nevertheless they appeared when I felt like I wasn’t even trying.

I’m grateful for every one of you who has supported me in this journey, in making decisions, and in trying new things. You give me the courage to keep going, over and over again.

Speaking of wonderful people who are wonderful to me, peep the new logo:

Designed by a dear friend who may or may not feel ready to undertake the wild and wonderful world of logo design, this little illustration captures my heart and soul in the most adorable way. Tea Dragon. I can think of no other name I’d rather be known by.

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