The Tea Grannies Podcast

Writing & Editing Podcast (Co-Host & Co-Founder)

The Tea Grannies Podcast

Miraya Engelage and Elise Volkman bring you writing, editing, and reading tips from the tea-tables of their living rooms. Whether you’re an experienced author or new writer, pour yourself a cup of tea and join them for discussions on first drafts, querying, and everything in between.

Miraya and I met in 2018 when we both apparated into the Speculative Fiction cohort under the guidance of Eileen Cook. What started as a mandatory classmate connection turned into a friendship that transcends age, distance, and whatever other weird barriers society places on people. School cohort meetings morphed into a monthly writing group that we run together, that continues going strong to this day. At some point, we looked back and realized we’d been messaging each other daily ever since: about writing, editing, books, and therapy.

Call it compounded insanity, osmosis, or a psychic connection — whatever you want. Sometime in 2021 we both had a wild, implausible, silly idea: to start a podcast! Despite the grade-school feedback that continues to haunt me to this day (“Elise is a great asset to the class, but I wish she would speak up more!”), and Miraya’s and my mutual social anxiety, we did it. In May 2021, we launched The Tea Grannies Podcast, and it’s been a blast.

If you’re a writer, reader, editor, or all-around bookworm looking for tips, commisteration, and a lot of good laughs, have we got a show for you. Pour yourself a cup of tea and let’s get started! (Available wherever you listen to podcasts.)