The Nymph Keepers Trilogy

Fantasy Series (Author)

The Nymph Keepers Trilogy

Nym is the last living nymph in the province of Galia, and Jay is out for her blood.

I write fantasy and science fiction and have a flair for gothic drama. The Nymph Keepers trilogy is my debut ebook series about Forest, a nymph whose people have been hunted to near-extinction for the healing properties in their blood. Jay needs nymph blood to help his sister, and Forest is supposed to be his solution to everything. Instead, Jay’s convictions war with his loyalties and he saves her from certain death, becoming a mercenary on the run in the process.

Forest knows she can’t trust him — she has the scars to prove it — but she has no other choice. Jay is her only option, and his only option is to return home from banishment, risking imprisonment and even death, in order to keep them both safe.

Their meeting sets their lives on a course of intertwining events in which they’ll either have to trust each other or find their own way in a world that wants them both dead.

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